Maltese Mafia Member 2

It’s Monday so that means it’s time for another edition of Maltese Mafia Mondays ! Today I’m introducing you to Maltese Mafia Member 2! This is Chanel aka “Chanellie”, “Nellie” or most commonly “Nellie-Bug”. 🙂

Maltese Mafia Member 2 Chanel

Chanel is 10 years old and we have had her since she was 6 months old. She was our second rescue while we were living in Los Angeles. She is a perfect example of being able to rescue a purebred puppy! We already had 2 Maltese and we were actually looking at adopting a 4-year-old little boy who had been abused when Lhasa Happy Homes (our rescue organization in Los Angeles) called to see if we could “foster” a 6 month old female. We, of course, said yes! Usually, when you foster with this rescue organization, you can’t also adopt the dog. It’s just a precaution to guard against wanting to adopt every animal you foster. However, this was an exception. There were a lot of dogs in foster and the owner of LHH was looking for someone with Maltese experience to adopt Chanel. Naturally, since we had just adopted a Maltese (Mafia Member 1) from the organization a year prior, they wanted us to adopt her. We fostered her for all of one week before signing the adoption papers! 😉

Isn’t this the sweetest photo of her? It’s certainly not the best photo I’ve taken, but I had to share it anyway because it is such a sweet picture and she’s such a sweet little girl!

Maltese Mafia Member 2 Chanel

Chanel has always been a very playful girl even now at 10 years of age. She has her certain quirky games she likes to play. She generally prefers men over women so really her favorite people are my husband and my dad! She’s going through some difficult times lately as she adjusts to allergy shots and dental issues. The allergies are the reason you will see her photographed wearing a cone. 🙁 This little girl is a tough cookie and perseveres! She’s vocal, hates goodbyes and loves her security spot in the house! We love her and couldn’t imagine life without her!

In case you missed her, meet Maltese Mafia Member 3. Stay tuned next week to meet Maltese Mafia Member 1!

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