Maltese Mafia Member 3

I thought I would introduce the members of our Maltese Mafia to you one by one. I started with our newest member because she decided to pose for a great introductory shot! This is Lexie. She’s a 2-year-old Maltese. We still call her our puppy because our other two are much older. She is VERY spunky, feisty and completely laid back all at the same time. She has a neat story. Our older two are rescues, but when my sister and I both lost our 15-year-old and 12-year-old Malts 16 days apart in December 2013, we decided to get a sibling pair to raise together. My sister and brother-in-law have her brother, Tate. These two brought a lot of happiness back into our lives after we both lost the first Maltese we ever had. At some point, I will do a tribute post to Brinkley, our first Maltese. But for now, I give you Lexie aka “Lexie-Girl”! 🙂

Maltese Mafia Member 3 Lexie

Isn’t she cute?!? Don’t let that sweet little face with those big puppy dog eyes fool you! She learned early on how to work it and has no problem doing so! Her favorite things to do are chew on her chew toys, play with her toys on her back like a bear cub, snuggle and have the last word. Yes, I did say have the last word. If you tell her “no” or not to do something, she obeys, but she grumbles about it with a very deep, gruff bark under her breath. She does this just about every time. She likes to let you know how she feels about the word no! Her snuggles are amazing though. She loves to be thrown over your shoulder like a baby and considers this her security position!

Does she make you want to get a Maltese yet? Well, wait till you meet our other two really soon! 😉 In the meantime…

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