Maltese Mafia Member 1

It’s time for another Maltese Mafia Monday! He is Maltese Mafia Member 1 and he leads the pack! Let me introduce you to AUsome aka “AUssie”!

Maltese Mafia Member 1 AUsome

I know you are thinking he has an unusual name and he does! His story started out sad, but ended up very happy. He is our first rescue dog and we adopted him from Lhasa Happy Homes while we were living in Los Angeles, California. He will be 13 on January 1 (our New Year’s Dog!) and we adopted him when he was 13 months old. At this point, he had already been in two homes.

There were excuses such as “we weren’t ready for what all a puppy entailed” and “we moved and couldn’t take him with us”. I will refrain from my opinions on those. Anyway, we learned there had been some abuse. He definitely acted very scared and timid and like he had to fight for his food. It broke our hearts.

When he came into rescue, they named him “Awesome” because they said  he had an “awesome little personality”! We agreed with this and didn’t want to cause him anymore stress and confusion than he had already been through so we kept the name (cute and unique anyway!) and just changed the spelling to “AUsome”. This reflects our love for Auburn University from where we both graduated! This provided a  natural progression to AUssie and he’s been called that ever since!

Maltese Mafia Member 1 AUsome

How can you resist this face???

AUssie has the cutest, happiest personality, but oh-so-mischievous too! He is my stop-and-smell-the-roses dog because when we take him outside, he has to find the MOST PERFECT blade of grass to go potty on and believe me, he checks them ALL! Also, he just loves to be outside, taking in the sun while the wind blows through his fur! He also thinks he’s a bird dog and tries his hardest to get the birds in the backyard, but that’s another story for a different post! 😉

He’s very protective of his sisters. Brinkley is our maltese that passed almost three years ago and he was really bonded to her. These days, he’s very protective of younger sisters Chanel and Lexie!

And now you have met all three members of the Maltese Mafia! I can’t wait to share their antics with you! If you missed the story on how they got their name, you can read it here!

Until the next Mafia mischief occurs… 😉

Trimm Travels,


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