My 40th Birthday-Tales From a NYE Bicentennial Baby


40th Birthday Combo

So this has happened. That moment has arrived. I am a bicentennial New Year’s Eve baby and this year (or yesterday!) that bicentennial New Year’s Eve baby is turned 40. Remind me how I blinked and I’m all of a sudden 40? Oh right. Same way I hated turning 20…because in that decade I had to grow up and figure it out. Also the same way I hated turning 30…because well, that’s just 10 years to 40.

40th Birthday

Now 40 is here and although that is only 10 years to that half a century thing they call 50, for some reason I’m embracing 40 a whole lot better than I have embraced any other decade. Why? I have ZERO idea. I try preparing myself for each new decade, but it has never worked before.

40th Birthday
This year, I tried a different approach. For most of this year, I convinced myself that I was 40, even though I was only 39. In reality, I was embarking on my 40th year of life and when your birthday is on the last day of the year, if you do the math by the birth year, it seems like I’m already supposed to be that next year older. Does that make sense?

40th Birthday

So I went with it. I told myself I was 40 all year long and I’ve had some amazing experiences this year. I’m topping it off with this current trip I’m on today. A bucket list item of mine was seeing the ball drop in NYC for New Year’s. There aren’t many other better ways to turn 40 right?

40th Birthday

I’ve heard the comment all my life when someone finds out my birthday is on NYE that “wow, everyone celebrates your birthday right?” Well, sort of. They’re definitely celebrating for sure…celebrating MY birthday? Not so much. However, this year I told myself that because I would be celebrating with a few thousand of my closest friends! 😉 For the first time, I made sure every restaurant reservation I made knew there was a 40th birthday to be celebrated. I would NEVER have done that in the past!

40th Birthday

I even had my accent nails changed from a Christmas design to New Year’s party hats with 16-17 on one for the New Year and a big 40 on the other for my 40th birthday. If that isn’t #embracingit I don’t know what is!

40th Birthday

This entire upcoming year, I will celebrate being 40. I already did so last year to prepare myself and now this year I will just enjoy being 40. Getting in 2 years of celebrating…why not? Because for some reason, this year, it clicked. It’s here whether I like it or not. Don’t dread it, celebrate it and go with it! So I did and I am! With that said, these are some of my photos from growing up. If you go to my facebook page or my twitter there’s a slide show I made of me from birth to now at 40. The next to last actual picture in the slide show (it also appears in this post below) in the pink, gold, charcoal sequin dress was just taken this week, a couple of days before my actual birthday. Most of these photos show my true personality and I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed laughing at myself while I made it!

#trimmtravels #heatherturns40 #embracingit


40th Birthday
Wedding photos taken at my one of my favorite places on earth!


40th Birthday
My Birthday/New Year’s Dress-taken this week!


40th Birthday
Zakynthos, Greece in Oct 2016


Happy New Year 2017!!


I also wanted to say thank you so much for supporting Trimm Travels. As of tomorrow, Jan 2, 2017, Trimm Travels will be 5 months old and it has now been seen in most, if not all of the States as well as worldwide in over 30 countries! THANK YOU!! I can’t wait to share more travel pics and posts with you!!


Until next time!

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  1. LOVED this post! Also LOVED the slide show on your FB page! You are doing a great job on this blog! So proud of you!

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