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Two questions I get asked a lot are “Where did you get that?” and “What camera do you use?”. So I’ve decided to compile a list of my favorite gear and tech equipment so that you will know what I use, why I use them and can even click the photo and text links (or go to the SHOP category) to buy them! How easy is that? Hey, I aim to please! 😉 Ready to get started?

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Canon Powershot SX720 HS, SX730 HS and SX740 HS

The Canon PowerShot SX720 HS followed by the Canon PowerShot SX730 HS are the travel cameras I have used since the summer of 2016. While I do travel at some point with all of my cameras (just not at the same time), these were the ones I traveled with the most. Why? Because they take very sharp, awesome quality photos, have wifi and fit easily into my travel purse. Win-win here.

However, because I waterlogged my 730 while in Iceland, I had to replace it before I went to Austria. And, the new kid had arrived over the summer. So, the Canon PowerShot SX740 HS is the latest model of my favorite travel camera. I absolutely LOVE it! The main feature differences are that it shoots 10 fps (vs 6 fps on the 730), allows for longer battery life, shoots 4K video and timelapse videos and weighs slightly less. So the step up from the 720 to the 730 was much larger than from the 730 to the 740!

Canon 80D

The Canon EOS 80D is my newest camera. I will admit that I am still in the “honeymoon” phase with it, but have gotten to know it fairly well in the last few months. I already love it and am happy I continued in the Canon family! I purchased it with the EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 Image Stabilization USM Lens in a kit, but you can purchase the camera body and the lens separately.

You can see photos I’ve taken with the Canon 80D in my Paris Photography Guide (all nighttime photos) as well as my 2018 Roundup Review (night photos-check out the Northern Lights!).

I love that it’s a fabulous DSLR, I can switch my lenses (which I really wanted for wildlife photography), it has WiFi, AND the Canon EOS 80D has the flip LCD screen I love so much on my travel camera (730 and 740 models)!

GoPro Hero4 Silver

The GoPro HERO4 Silver really cool! I’ve been shooting videos and action shots with the Hero4 Silver since 2016. I don’t think I suspected something so tiny to make such high-quality photos and videos! A lot of people shoot solely with a GoPro. I don’t do that because of some of the types of photography that I do, but if you are ultimately doing action shots or videos or wide angle type shoots, this could definitely be your only camera! The many different mounts you can get for it are SO much fun to play with!

GoPro Hero7 Black

UPDATE 2019: I just upgraded to the GoPro7 Black that I got for Christmas last month. I’m so excited to try it out. The main reason I wanted to upgrade to this is that it doesn’t need additional housing to go underwater. Look for that update coming soon!

iPhone 7

Yep, I even shoot with my Apple iPhone 7 . The cameras on these are pretty decent and sometimes as we’ve all heard, the best camera is the one you have on you at the time! Or as I like to say, the one that I already had in my hand at the ready! I will be upgrading soon…just haven’t figured out which of the newer ones I want yet.


Apple 13″ MacBook Pro

I literally couldn’t do anything without my MacBook Pro. I maintain this site while traveling with it, I organize, research and get creative with it. I prefer to edit photos on my desktop, but this computer makes it very easy to edit photos on the road! The 13″ is just the right size and light enough to make traveling with it extremely easy!

Camera & Computer Accessories

Manfrotto Compact Action Tripod

This Manfrotto Tripod is a great full size, yet easy-to-travel-with tripod. It accommodates most all point-and-shoot cameras, bridge cameras and entry-level DSLRs. It isn’t good for huge zoom lenses as those requirements generally exceed its specifications, but for most people, this one works very well! Has a great joystick for very smooth pans and filming. It’s very light and comes with its own drawstring travel bag! It also attaches easily (via velcro straps) to my tech backpack I use as my carry-on which is perfect.

I’ve traveled several times now with this tripod and I absolutely love it. I’ve taken it to Canada, to Europe to shoot Christmas Markets and the Northern Lights, to Africa and coming soon it will head down to South America with me!

JOBY Gorillapod Flexible Tripod

This Gorillapod Flexible Tripod is a fabulous little gadget! It comes in different sizes and this is the regular size for mirrorless and DSLR cameras. However, I also have the mini size for smartphones and travel cameras!

I love this tripod for so many reasons such as that it’s hands-free and you can shoot in low light. Plus, it fits a point-and-shoot camera or your smartphone! I particularly like this aspect! It makes it very versatile! You can set it up like a typical tripod either low to get that ground view shot or wrap it around that street sign or fence if you want to get a fun angle! It can also be used in conjunction with a remote control to get those selfies without having to extend your arm or those group shots without having to ask a stranger to take it!

Transcend 2TB StoreJet External Hard Drive

This Transcend External Hard Drive is awesome! It’s military drop tested so if you’re like me and love to drop things (sigh!), then this is the one for you! I take a gazillion photos so I got the 2TB size, but if you don’t need that much room, there is also a 1 TB size for half the price! It allows you to choose how you format it including how much space you want to delegate to different systems such as Mac and PC. It backs up extremely fast with the one-touch auto-backup button!

RAVPower 16750 mAh External Battery Pack & 2A Wall Charger

This RAVPower Portable Charger is the newer model of the one I have and I love this thing! It has saved me on many occasions! It will charge an iPhone 6 over 5 times and an iPad once! I keep this in my purse at all times whether I’m traveling or not! You never know when you will need it and some of the times I’ve wound up needing it have surprised me! Don’t get caught without it!

GoPro Dual Battery Charger + Battery

If you have a GoPro Hero4, then this GoPro Dual Battery Charger is a must! This charger comes with a battery and then I bought two more rechargeable batteries separately. The GoPro HERO4 Silver itself comes with a battery so that means in total I have 4 batteries. Seems like a lot doesn’t it? Well, the GoPro loves to eat batteries! I have found that this combo works well for me because I can charge 2 and use 2 or take all 4 loaded with me! You obviously have to decide what’s best for you, but I am offering what works best for me!

SanDisk Extreme PRO 64GB Flash Memory Card

I have a somewhat different view on how I use this SanDisk Flash Memory Card. Most people have 1 main card and 1 backup (maybe) and once they fill up the card, they download the photos onto their computer, erase the photos off the card and start over repeating the process. I have one of these in my camera at all times and usually 2 backups. I number my cards on the provided label space. I then make a list on my computer and next to the corresponding card numbers, I write the date ranges of the photos that particular memory card holds and a brief description of what is on that card (usually by place or trip) and then I store that card in a fireproof container. A little overprotective aren’t we? Yes…yes, we are. These are things I can’t get back so I do go a little overboard protecting them! If you think about it though, the prices have come way down on memory cards and they take up VERY little space, so to me it makes sense! I also usually have a 32GB size memory card in my stash too!

NOTE: Not all cameras accept all cards. Be sure to read your manual to be sure which is best for your camera and the kind of photos you are taking.

SanDisk Ultra 64GB microSDXC Card with Adapter

Also in my stash is this SanDisk 64GB microSDXC card for my GoPro. I typically do have a backup as well because if you take a lot of video with the GoPro, they take up a lot of memory card space!

Eco-Fused Memory Card Carrying Case

When you start accumulating multiple memory cards or even just the 2 different sizes for your camera and GoPro, then you have to keep track of them right? Of course! This Eco-Fused Memory Card Carrying Case is perfect for this! It has 8 pages with 22 slots, labels and even a little cleaning cloth! It honestly reminds me of a mini version of the black zip CD carrying cases we had back in the day! 🙂

Compact Sling for Cameras

This little Compact Sling for Cameras is one of my top favorite gadgets! When you are using your point and shoot, have you ever wished you had something more than just a little wrist strap? You know, when you want to grab a shot on your phone or need to take a photo for someone else and you’re afraid you will drop your camera with just a wrist strap? Maybe you’re like me and you just like to have your hands free, but putting up your camera and getting back out again a gazillion times is NOT the answer? This sling takes care of all of those problems! Just attach it to your camera and throw it over your neck cross body style! The camera moves up and down the sling and all you have to do is let it go or pull it up! It also detaches by a little clip if you need to remove it to give it someone else to take a photo! It. Rocks. !!

CamKix Camera Shutter Remote Control for Smartphones

Yet another little convenient device! The CamKix Camera Shutter Remote Control makes those times when you want to take a group selfie and don’t want your arm showing a breeze! No one around to take the photo for you? No problem! This takes care of it! My favorite part? For *most* smartphones, you don’t need to download another app for it to work. It’s bluetooth compatible! My favorite way to use this is to put my phone in the JOBY Gorillapod Flexible Tripod , place the tripod where I want it and then use the remote to control the camera shutter. Just like that, selfies and group photos are done!

TopCase Rubberized Hard Case Cover for 13″ Apple Macbook Pro

I love this TopCase Rubberized Hard Case Cover with Matching Color Keyboard Cover for my 13″ Apple MacBook Pro! I love that it’s a hard case but has that soft case feel because it’s rubberized! When I first ordered it, I didn’t really care that it came with a keyboard cover. When it came, I decided to try it out since I had ordered the pink (yes it comes in several awesome colors!) case and wanted to see how my keyboard looked being pink. I found that it was still very easy to type on and BONUS! It keeps your keyboard free of dust and crumbs! Score! (Note: It doesn’t cover the trackpad so you still have to be careful there 😉 )

Organization & Transport

ButterFox Universal Electronic Accessories Travel Organizer

Update: Currently, this item is unavailable on Amazon and they are unsure if they will be able to restock it. However, this ProCase Tech Gear Organizer Wrap is almost identical!!

Every time I travel with someone for the first time, they want to know where I got this gem! The ButterFox Universal Electronics Accessories Travel Organizer is perfect way to organize all those cords, plugs, remote controls, etc. It has multiple, different sized zip compartments, an open compartment and then several elastic holder areas. It holds everything! I get my travel camera’s battery charger, camera remote control, extra set of headphones, 10 ft charger cord, 2 adapter plugs (US and foreign), travel luggage scale, extra batteries for the scale, 2 more regular sized travel cords, my power strip and more ALL in this rolled up and ready to go! If you love to be organized, you will LOVE this!

Case Logic SLR Camera and Laptop Backpack

This Case Logic SLR Camera and Laptop Backpack is become my favorite! It holds and organizes so much! I use it for all my tech equipment and I also stick other essentials such as medication, glasses, contacts, snacks, and toothbrush in it when I travel! Score! It holds up to a 15.4″ laptop along with your SLR camera and different lenses. If you don’t have an SLR camera, then it holds even more stuff! I typically get my big camera, travel camera, GoPro, accessories, my Electronics Accessories Travel Organizer above and there’s even a place on the side to strap in my tripod! I love this backpack and can’t recommend it enough!

There you go! That is currently my gear and tech equipment I travel with. I plan to update this soon with more accessories such as GoPro attachments and photo editing tools so check back frequently! Have any questions? Please feel free to drop me a comment below! I’d love to hear from you! 🙂

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