Maltese Mafia: Happy Birthday Lexie!

This week on October 20, Lexie turns 3! I can’t believe she is already 3…it seems like just yesterday, we were bringing her home for the first time! She has brought so much joy to our lives after losing our first maltese, Brinkley, a couple of months prior.


My sister and BIL have Lexie’s brother/littermate, Tate, and all 4 of us went to meet the puppies together. Of course, we fell in love and promptly brought them straight home! This was the pic I took of my BIL and my husband holding the puppies before I missed my opportunity! Sorry for the quality, I had to be quick! Guess they didn’t want their pic taken! LOL!


We went to my sister’s house first and our parents met us there. My parents love their grand-dogs and these 2 new additions were no exception!


At first, Lexie was very shy and quiet. One of the names on our short list was Spicy, but she wasn’t fitting that name at all at that time. Another name on the list was Lexie and we really liked that. We decided to give it a few days before making the final decision. After those few days were over, we settled on Lexie because it just fit her sweet, shy, calm personality.

Maltese Mafia Lexie Third Birthday

This is Lexie on her first birthday. So all that about the name Spicy not fitting and going with Lexie because it fit more of her calm, shy personality? Well, the joke was definitely on us! This little girl came out of her shell and is most definitely a Spicy, Sassy, and Saucy all in one! Her energy is over the top and she is so much fun! A little Tasmanian Devil in the mischief department, but so much fun! She is most definitely laid back though…whatever, whenever, however, is her attitude. Just give her something to chase or demolish and she’s good to go!

Maltese Mafia Lexie Third Birthday

Here is Lexie at age 2. Not much changed, she was still ALL puppy here!

Maltese Mafia Lexie Third Birthday

Now, she’s 3!! This is her 3rd birthday pic taken a little early. Isn’t she adorable???

Happy Birthday Lexie! It had been 8 years since we had a puppy and you bring so much joy and fun (and mischief! 😉 ) to our lives and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Maltese Mafia Lexie Third Birthday

We want to say Happy Birthday to Lexie’s brother, Tate too! He is just as happy and outgoing as Lexie; however, he’s not as laid back as she is, but he also isn’t quite as mischievous as she is either! 😉

Aren’t they absolutely precious??

Until the next Maltese Mafia event or mischief occurs…

Trimm Travels,



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