YOU TELL ME: Trimm Travels Reader Survey 2018

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Cliché I know, but it’s a new year and I want to learn something new. But not just anything new. I want to learn from YOU. Yep, I want YOU to tell ME. I love writing this blog and let’s be honest, if I didn’t love it, then I need to just stop right now. So admittedly, part of this blog is for me as it should be.


BUT (and that’s a huge but), my passion is to write to help inspire you guys to travel and to try to make it easier for you when you do. I am so thankful for each one of you who reads my crazy stories on here and I want to continue to make Trimm Travels a place you come for trusted travel information.

All that to say, I would love to hear from every one of you to see what you like, don’t like and what you want. If you have ever left me a comment on my site, sent me an email or even asked a question on social media, you know how much I love interacting with you. After all, you are why I write!

So, I present to you the first annual YOU TELL ME Trimm Travels Reader Survey 2018!

Please click the link above or the banner below and take a few minutes to tell me what you would like me to know! 😉

Trimm Travels Annual Reader Survey 2018 button

Thank you so much for your participation and your honesty and thank you most of all for joining me on my adventures. I can’t wait to give you more of what you want to read! 😀

‘Til next time…

Trimm Travels,



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