Fashion Friday: Fall Favorites Military Style!

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been a bit absent lately. I just got back from an amazing 3 weeks in Greece and The Netherlands! More on that coming soon, but today I thought I’d show my support for our vets since today is Veterans’ Day!

My grandfather fought in WWII and I am also a Daughter of the American Revolution. My cousin’s husband is in the Coast Guard and I have countless friends that are currently serving in every areas of the military including the Army, Reserves, Air Force and the Marines! So all of that to say this: I am truly grateful for our vets who fought SO hard for me to be doing anything I’m doing today including sitting here writing this post. I’m grateful to my family and friends currently serving too. It takes a special person to fight to protect us day in and day out and I know I don’t come close to possessing those qualities. So if you are a vet, are related to a vet or know a vet, reach out to them to express your gratitude! THANK YOU to all those veterans out there and HAPPY VETERANS’ DAY!!!

Fall Camo Dress

I actually just found this dress on Wednesday. I had planned on using something else, but this dress just really fit the day. Camo is on trend this season…at least here in the South anyway! It’s pretty easy to pair with black or brown and with its busy pattern, it doesn’t need accessorizing too much!

Fall Camo Dress

I decided to pair it with black OTBT booties, my trusty Stella & Dot earrings, and an antique necklace showcasing a working padlock (key included!) from the WW2 era. I got it in Dallas, Texas from a boutique at a fall arts fair that specializes in finding such vintage, rare beauties. If you know my love of different, unique necklaces, you know this really excited me! Plus, it fit right in with my military theme for this week! Score!

Fall Camo Dress Padlock Necklace

The nail color I chose for this is OPI Love Is Hot and Coal from Gwen Stefani’s Holiday 2014 Collection . I love the dark color that appears to be a deep brown, but has a silver sheen to it. I think it pairs nicely with the brown, green and black in the camo! It’s a great shade for fall and winter as well!

Fall Camo Dress OPI Color

I got the dress from South Boutique. They have 2 storefront locations here in Birmingham, but you can also order from their website and they ship both domestically and internationally! You can find them on Facebook and Instagram as well! Booties are from OTBT, earrings are from Stella & Dot, and nail color is OPI. The necklace is from Key J. They are actually located in McKinney, Texas but you can access their website and find them on Facebook.

Anyone else excited, but overwhelmed that the holidays are literally right around the corner?? Okay, good so I’m not alone on that? Perfect! Stay tuned for new holiday looks coming soon!

Until then…

Trimm Travels,


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