Fashion Friday: Holiday Favorites

It’s that time again! I can’t believe Christmas is almost here! It’s my absolute favorite time of the year! It also means it’s time to find something to wear to those festive parties! I completely get that this isn’t always the easiest thing to find, trust me! Lately though, stores (especially boutiques) have been really good about carrying really cute clothes for the holidays. This is one of my discoveries! 🙂

Holiday Favorites Party Dress

I love this suede dress! It’s the perfect shade of Christmas red and the fit couldn’t be more fabulous! It’s a lot like a swing dress…flowy and comfortable! Also, it’s extremely versatile in terms of what you can accessorize it with. I completely forgot to take a photo of the back, but there’s a vertical opening in the dress that runs a few inches down from the two buttons at the neck!!

Holiday Favorites Party Dress Accessories

I paired this dress with suede heeled booties to dress it up a bit. I threw on my black and gold tear-drop earrings and finished it off with a black and gold tassel necklace. I’m personally not a huge bracelet fan just because they usually get in my way; however, I do wear them sometimes and this would be a perfect time to throw on some black and gold bangles! 😉 For the opening in the back, I wore a black and lacy racerback bralette and it’s perfect to spice up the back of the dress! I will try to add a photo of this soon!

Holiday Favorites Party Dress OPI Color

The nail color I chose for this outfit is another oldie, but goodie. It is OPI Very Merry Cherry from the 2001 Holiday Collection! OLD school, but I love its shimmery red color! It is a darker red than it appears here due to the lighting and so it compliments the red in the dress really well! You can actually still get this one on eBay!

Holiday Favorites Party Dress Ensemble

As usual, I photographed this dress in the sunlight so you can get a good idea of what it looks like in different lighting. Once again, it is more of the dark red it appears indoors vs the brighter red outdoors!

I got the dress from Oh My Sole boutique. They have a storefront here in Birmingham or you can access them on Facebook and call to order. They ship to the continental US! The shoes came from Nordstrom Rack and the earrings came from The Impeccable Pig. There are two storefront locations of The Impeccable Pig in the Buckhead section of Atlanta and the Mountain Brook section of Birmingham. You can order off their website here. The necklace is from The Mint Julep Boutique which doesn’t have a storefront, but you can order off their website.

I hope this inspires you to get out and find that perfect party outfit! Until next time…

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