Tracking Trimm Travels: Roundup Review 2017

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My first roundup post! You might have seen these before as they are fairly popular. I decided to start my own not only to provide a synopsis for all of you, but also for me! I love the idea of my annual travel highlights being in one, easy-to-find location. Because I didn’t do one last December (since my blog was only 4 months old), I will squeeze in a brief roundup for 2016.

2016 was a great year that saw lots of awesome destinations and introduced the balance of travel with launching my blog. In 2016, I visited Colorado, Maine, Los Angeles, Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, Spain, Switzerland, Canada, Greece, The Netherlands, Tennessee and New York!

Now for this year!

Trimm Travels 2017

1. Los Angeles, California-March 2017

Hollywood Sign Los Angeles California

After taking January and February off, I was ready to hit the road, or the air, again. No better city to start with than Los Angeles. Having lived there for a few years, I truly love it and I go back annually!

street lamps outside of Los Angeles County of Museum of Art

Hanging out outside the Los Angeles County Museum of Art!

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2. Dallas, Texas-March 2017

Downtown Dallas Texas

A city I had been to many times, I was excited to finally get the chance to properly explore Dallas and the DFW area.

large multi-color umbrellas shaped like martini glasses at night in Fort Worth Texas

One of my favorite things I found in DFW were these giant umbrellas that look like martini glasses!

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3. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-April 2017

Liberty Bell in Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Definitely the city I only expected to love for its history, Philadelphia got the last laugh. The City of Brotherly Love showed off in all aspects and I fell in love with it!

Ben Franklin Bridge at night in Philadelphia Pennsylvania

One of my favorite photos of this trip was the Ben Franklin Bridge at night.

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4. Perú-May 2017

Machu Picchu in Peru

Perú ranks in my top 2 all-time favorite destinations! If you want diverse landscapes, friendly people and some of the best food you will find on the planet, Perú is the place for you!

bin of multi-color roses at a market in Cuzco Peru

This heart-shaped bin of roses I found in Cuzco sums it up nicely!

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5. Spain-June/July 2017

looking at turquoise ocean through the v-shaped opening of a cactus

I’ve been going to Fuerteventura for the past nine summers straight. The Canary Islands, particularly Fuerteventura, are a hidden gem. It’s a popular destination for Europeans, but it isn’t on a lot of Americans’ radars. It should be.

By the way, although the Canary Islands are part of Spain, they are on the continent of Africa. If you’ve ever been confused by my map on my destinations page and wondered what that 5th continent was, now you know!

looking over Barcelona from Park Güell

On my ninth trip to Spain, I finally got to see Barcelona. Well. worth. the. wait!! This coastal, artsy city has a laid-back atmosphere with beautiful sites and fabulous architecture.

sun coming through the stained glass windows inside La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona Spain

Speaking of architecture, I fell in love with all-things Gaudí. This photo is the inside of his La Sagrada Familia.

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6. Denmark-August 2017

Nyhavn in Copenhagen Denmark

My favorite part of Copenhagen was Nyhavn. It’s a very colorful waterfront entertainment district that dates back to the 17th century.

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7. Scandinavian/Russian Cruise-August 2017

This summer, I got the chance to cruise the Baltic Sea roundtrip from Denmark. I visited Norway, Germany, Estonia, Russia, Finland, and Sweden.


Royal Palace in Oslo Norway

Highlights of Oslo were seeing the Royal Palace and standing in the room where the Nobel Peace Prize is presented every year in December.


remains of the Berlin Wall

I was excited to visit Berlin because of its history. I enjoyed all there was to see in Berlin, but the remains of the Berlin wall were what I wanted to see most.

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overview of Tallinn Estonia with ocean in background

I honestly didn’t know what to expect from Estonia as I hadn’t done much research. I was pleasantly surprised by the quaint little town of Tallinn!


Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood in St Petersburg, Russia

Russia. Easily, the place I was excited to visit most on this trip, I wasn’t disappointed. What was supposed to be two days in St Petersburg

Saint Basil's Cathedral in Moscow Russia

turned into one day in St Petersburg and one in Moscow! It was a crazy, full 18-hour day but it was one of the best chances I have ever taken on a trip! The architecture is just jaw-dropping!

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shoreline of Helsinki Finland

I saw so many unique things in Helsinki, Finland from statues to cathedrals and icebreaker fleets. I really loved this view of the shoreline!

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Swedish armed forces parading in on horses for changing of the guards Stockholm Sweden

Stockholm has one of the most interesting changing of the guards I’ve seen.

8. Maine-October 2017

Fall colored leaves on a backroad in Maine

Maine in the fall is a fantastic idea. I visited Bangor (home of Stephen King), Ellsworth and Bar Harbor. The fall colors were gorgeous!

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9. Las Vegas, Nevada-November 2017

view of the Las Vegas strip at twilight from the Stratosphere

I returned to Las Vegas in November to participate in my fourth Rock n Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon. What made this one different is my big weight loss and more importantly, remembering the tragic events that took place in Vegas on October 1st.

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10. Arizona-November 2017

While in Las Vegas, I took two day-trips to Arizona.

view of the Grand Canyon South Rim

One was my second trip to the Grand Canyon…

me at Horseshoe Bend Arizona

while the other was my first trip to Horseshoe Bend

Inside of lower Antelope Canyon Arizona

and Antelope Canyon. While I loved all three and it wasn’t my first time to see the Grand Canyon, it was Antelope Canyon that completely blew me away!

11. Charleston, South Carolina-December 2017

Rainbown Row in Charleston South Carolina

I ended my 2017 travels with a trip to Charleston in early December. I see why this city is a top American destination choice.

white iconic bridge with Christmas decorations at Magnolia Plantation Charleston South Carolina

It is beautiful and even more so at Christmastime!

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Not only did I have fun on 2017’s adventures, but I had fun reliving those adventures while writing about them. Look for posts from the cruise, Maine, Arizona and South Carolina coming soon!

Trimm Travels Trip Totals

Continents: 3

Countries: 10

States: 8

Cities: 24

Steps: 667,635

Miles Walked: 287.3

Calories Burned: 107,059*

Airports: 28

Flights: 42

Hotels: 11

Photos Taken: 25,873**

 *Excludes Maine and Charleston-my device didn’t record for some reason                                                                                               **Excludes my cellphone and GoPro pics

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My Favorite Travel Accessories of 2017

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Roundup Review 2017 Pinterest Pin
Roundup Review photo collage Pinterest pin

And that’s my 2017 Tracking of Trimm Travels! Thanks so much for coming along on the journey with me! Which of these would be your top bucket list destination? Is there a particular destination you would like to see covered in 2018?

‘Til next time and next year…

Trimm Travels,


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  1. I want to do the snow activities for the non-skier in Val. Colorado!

    Have you thought about visiting Mackinac Island, Michigan?

  2. You certainly stay busy girl. What a hit list. I would love to go to Peru. That has been on our bucket list for some time. There are some time. We really need to make it to Charleston (and Savannah too). Looks like you had a great 2017 and we can’t wait to see where you’ve been in 2018.

    1. Hi Jenn and Ed-2017 was an unbelievable year I must say. I hope there are more years like it. Perú. I can’t say enough about it. I fell in love with Perú so I highly recommend going there sooner than later! I was supposed to go to Savannah on the same trip as Charleston, but our plans had to change so I still need to go there as I’ve only driven through. 2018 has been an adventure too! Thanks for reading! 🙂

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