Salt Lake City in Winter: March Weekend Getaway

Yes, I realize that the destination paired with the season in this post comes as no surprise. Of course, Salt Lake City in winter is the place to be! Also, I get that a lot of you might not be surprised that March is (mostly) still very much winter for SLC. However, I know some of you ARE surprised. After all, March is when spring starts, right? Remember to keep in mind the elevation and the gorgeous Wasatch Mountain Range. That coveted powder will still be going strong and is why this destination makes for a perfect March getaway weekend with friends or family!

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aerial view of snowcapped mountains

Aerial View of Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City in Winter

aerial view of snow covered mountains at sunset

Seriously, Salt Lake City in March is the same as Salt Lake City in winter? Yes, pretty much. Just like anywhere else, you will have your isolated wild temps but for the most part, winter is still very much alive in SLC in the month of March!

March Climate
Avg Highs: 55 °F / 13 °C
Avg Lows: 36 °F / 2 °C
Avg Total Precipitation: 1.8″
Avg Total Snowfall: 5.9″
*This is for SLC only. Park City will be fairly different.

I will take the time to add that this article is centered around the first weekend of March (when I went) which is a perfect time to go. It’s way after the holidays, after President’s Day weekend, and before most spring breaks start!

Winter Snow Fun in Salt Lake City

There are many places to enjoy the powder from Salt Lake City. The most popular places are Park City and the nearby Deer Valley Resort.


Heather from Trimm Travels standing up riding a snowmobile

Photo Credit: Tippe Morlan | Photo Editing: Trimm Travels

Snowmobiling is my favorite winter pastime! It’s a perfect alternate snow activity for those of you, who like myself, don’t ski. To be clear, it isn’t that I don’t like to ski. I enjoy it but I can’t cut like I need to after two ankle reconstructions. So, snowmobiling it is!

Heather from Trimm Travels standing up posing on a snowmobile for a photo against snow covered terrain

Photo Credit: Tippe Morlan | Photo Editing: Trimm Travels

I am an avid jet skier in the summertime and to me, the Ski-Doo is just like my Sea-Doo that I ride every summer on the lake. It just has a bit of a different base, a different terrain, and okay well, never mind. You get where I was going with that, right? 😜

groups of friends smiling for a selfie in the snow

Photo Credit: The Traveling Lucie | Photo Editing: Trimm Travels

We booked this four-hour freestyle snowmobile tour and absolutely loved it! The scenery is gorgeous and you can definitely get lost (figuratively and literally) in your own, personal winter wonderland!

We may or may not have taken a trip “off the beaten path” (where the “beaten path” is the snowmobile itself). This may or may not have resulted in thoughts of starring in our very own episode of the TV show I Survived. But we will never tell…🤫

I kid (sort of). In all seriousness, everyone was okay but we did have to have a group reorientation about all staying together regardless (two members of our group NOT pictured went off on their own). This is very important as the areas are remote and without cell service.

TIP: Be sure you know what the company provides and what you need to wear or bring. Look and see if they provide transportation to/from your accommodations. Lastly, get there at least 45 minutes ahead of time so you have time to dress in all your gear. And by all means, stay together with your group at ALL times!


Skiing & Snowboarding from Salt Lake City

group of friends posing in front of a Brighton Utah sign

The skiing and snowboarding group!

If you are a skier or snowboarder, you will be in a dream world in the Salt Lake City area. It’s very close to so many of the top skiing resorts in the country. Those looking for epic pow will almost always find it in these resorts. Brighton and Park City are two of the favorites with the latter featuring the famed Deer Valley Resort!

Enjoy Old Town and Main Street Park City

  • a ski bridge over a road against a blue sky in winter
  • winter in Park City with colorful houses against snow covered mountains
  • Main Street in Park City lined with shops
  • colorful flags hanging from the ceiling in Park City Utah

Even though you may be the biggest skier or snowmobiler out there, take some time to just walk around Park City’s Old Town and Main Street. It’s such a picturesque time of year and the food and shopping are fantastic too!

TIP: Be open to going into stores you might know or have back home. Due to my friends’ recommendations, I got my Lululemon Belt Bag in Park City a year ago before it blew up the scene. That thing is the best $32 I have spent! Also, visit the Cotopaxi store. If you’ve ever wanted one of these, now is your time to see and select your Del Dia one-of-a-kind travel pack vs waiting to discover what they ship to you!

Non-Snow Activities in Salt Lake City

While there are MANY hiking trails as well as the Great Salt Lake itself, these are a few activities worth doing that stood out to me.

Sensei Trailhead

panoramic shot of snow covered mountains at sunset

The Sensei Trailhead in Lehi, a suburb of Salt Lake City, is an absolutely gorgeous place to watch the sunset. You can drive up, winding through gorgeous houses, and park at the top. Then it’s up to you how long you want to stay but it is beautiful and was a top place a local friend of mine wanted to take our group when we visited!

TIP: If you are going just to watch the sunset, arrive 45 minutes prior and watch the day turn to night. Obviously, if you are going to hike you will want to arrive much earlier and then use the beautiful sunset as your reward!

Photos of Salt Lake City

  • aerial view of Salt Lake and snow
  • aerial shot of heavy snow covered mountains
  • aerial view of Salt Lake and snow

Salt Lake City is EXTREMELY photogenic…as in one of the prettiest places I’ve ever seen. I have flown through there a handful of times (it is a Delta hub) and each time, I would make sure I was on the correct side of the plane to be able to get photos. I would also think, “I need this to be an end destination someday (vs a connection) so I can photograph this beautiful city!”

Okay, so I managed to make “someday” happen and got some quick photos. However, due to time constraints, I didn’t get to photograph it like I normally would any other photogenic destination. That only means I need to make a return trip. Sigh, I HATE when that happens! 😍

TIP: If you have even more time or are taking a break from snow activities, check out Temple Square and the Utah State Capitol.

Photos of Winter in Salt Lake City

looking down a long street in the middle of a snow covered neighborhood with snow covered mountains in the background

If you have the time, get out and explore the local areas of Salt Lake City. It is just a gorgeous city anytime but especially in winter. May I suggest the East Bench area? Considered one of the best neighborhoods to live in the Salt Lake City area, you might recognize its high school.

panorama of East High School in Salt Lake City Utah with snow on the ground

Yes, you guessed it! Salt Lake City East High School, better known as East High, is a filming location where the High School Musical movies were filmed! I love a good film location hunt and wasn’t expecting one on this trip. However, Salt Lake City really does have a bit of everything for everyone-even film buffs!

snowman in a yard with a grass skirt holding a sign that says "Aloha" in Salt Lake City

How cute is this Hawaiian snowman?

Keep your eyes open as you drive and/or walk around the neighborhood. Salt Lakers have a great sense of humor. While I’m out here chasing the snow (because I rarely see it), these people are ready for spring and doing what they can to encourage it to arrive! 🌷

same yard with snowman that has a little book library box with books

In addition to a sense of humor, Salt Lakers are also very friendly and definitely have and promote a sense of community. The same house that is wishing for spring is also hoping neighbors and friends will “take a book and share a book”.

I love this and think it’s a great idea. While I have seen these, I’ve never seen one in a residential neighborhood. Isn’t it cute? 😍

TIP: Before traveling to a destination, research what it might be famous for (such as filming locations) other than the obvious landmarks. I recommend doing this even if you think you won’t have time in your itinerary. Plans can always change and then you have a built-in backup!

Salt Lake City Area Restaurants

colorful sushi roll with a yellow martini behind it
square donut against a background that says "hello"

In addition to the gorgeous beauty and fun winter activities, Salt Lake City boasts some incredible restaurants and ranks the 30th best foodie city in the United States. From Lehi to Park City, If you’re a foodie, get ready because you’re going to like it!

Due to these facts, I created an entire foodie guide for Salt Lake City you absolutely need to check out. It even has recommendations on what to order!

TIP: If you are wanting to make travel cheaper (or free!) via points and miles, use your American Express® Gold Card (or the cool Rose Gold like mine 😁) for 4x points on global dining. If you don’t already have it, be sure to get the AmEx Gold Card prior to your next trip and earn powerful points that can be transferred to several airline and hotel partners!

Where to Stay in Salt Lake City

a snow covered view from a hotel at sunset in Salt Lake City

Narrowing down a place to stay can be challenging. If you have a mid-range budget and are looking for a central place that works for Salt Lake City, Park City, and even as far south as Provo, try SpringHill Suites at Thanksgiving Point. The rooms are large and feature a living area, separate vanity from the wet room, mini-fridges, and microwaves!

Those with more of a luxury budget wanting to stay in Salt Lake City might look at The Grand America Hotel. Its close proximity to the downtown area makes it a smart choice. Its views, posh style, and easy access to so many yummy restaurants make it an easy choice!


Pinterest graphic that says "Winter in Salt Lake City Utah"
Pinterest graphic that says "Winter in Salt Lake City Utah"
Pinterest graphic that says "Winter in Salt Lake City Utah"
Heather from Trimm Travels looking out over snow covered mountains at sunset in Lehi Utah

See? March is the perfect time to experience Salt Lake City in winter. So, while you might think it’s too late in the season, you may now think differently! 😁 The area is so diverse and has so much to offer in not only the realm of winter activities during this time but also culture, scenery, and food!

Have you been to Salt Lake City in March? How was your experience? I would love to know if you’ve done any of the things in this post or eaten at any of the restaurants. As always, let me know below!

‘Til next time…

Trimm Travels,


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  1. That’s a nice roundabout article for SLC during winters. Thoroughly enjoyed reading the useful tips and info that you shared.

    1. Hi Hiral-So glad you enjoyed this article. I hope that the tips help you plan the perfect Salt Lake City trip! Thanks for reading! 🙂

  2. I love those “take a book” neighborhood libraries. I’ve seen them in countries such as Greece or Switzerland and always thought about how much they contribute to the good energy of the place. With so much snow outside, there’s no better warming up than by cozying up under a blanket, with a book and a cup of tea!

    1. Hi Ivan-I couldn’t agree more. I’ve seen them in a few places too (including London) and I think it’s a fantastic, positive contribution! Also, yes to a blanket, book, and tea! Thanks for reading! 🙂

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