My Easy and Informative Guide to LA in Three Days: Intro

my easy and informative guide to LA in three days intro title photo with welcome to los angeles LAX and hollywood sign

So you only have three days in LA? No problem, it’s doable although I’m betting we both wish you had longer, right? 🙂

Welcome to Los Angeles California welcome sign at LAX airport

Obviously, there is SO much to see and do in Los Angeles and honestly, there will always be more to do and see than you probably have time for! I love writing about LA and you will probably see a lot of posts from me in the future on LA travel! I was fortunate enough to live in Los Angeles for 4 years and I STILL didn’t see everything I wanted to see! Okay, okay, in my defense, I was working full-time, but I also subscribed to the “I’ve got PLENTY of time to see all of that” viewpoint and then a lot of tomorrows came around and I suddenly found myself leaving LA not having seen or done all I had wanted to do! I digress, but you get my point! 😉 Here in this blog post series, I help you condense down to a 3-day mini, but comprehensive tour of LA!

Selfie in the Hollywood Hills with downtown Los Angeles California behind me

I most definitely miss it! Can you tell? The photo below is me sitting in the Hollywood Hills overlooking downtown LA and the 101 Freeway. The Hollywood Bowl is to my right in this photo (as seen in the photo above). This is one of my top happy places. This is a very peaceful place for me to process thoughts. It’s also an unusual capture of very little traffic on the freeway. This doesn’t happen often!

Me sitting on a rock overlooking downtown Los Angeles California and the 101 Freeway

Okay, enough with the nostalgia already. I am, though, very excited to share my personal experiences in LA with you! There are 4 posts total in the series (including this one, the introduction). The next three are based on my actual three-day LA itinerary I planned on my recent trip and it will offer you a good mix of those touristy must-dos and must-sees. However, it will also give you some not-as-well-known places to eat and things to see! I have included all information for the different places and have given you a good idea of how to plan for timing too! I hope that you find it useful and can just enjoy your trip to LA without having to stress over what to do and when to do it!

Be sure to check out Day One, Day Two and Day Three for a complete Los Angeles itinerary! Let me know if you use this itinerary and how your trip went!

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