Disney 100th Anniversary: Magical Celebration Guide to the Finale

LAST UPDATED: February 26, 2024

The year was 1923. That year marked the introduction of one of THE most famous global brands today. The year is 2023 and the brand is Disney. That means congratulations are in order as we celebrate the Disney 100th Anniversary! So, technically, the 100-year mark is October 16, 2023. However, the 100-Year Celebration kicked off at Disneyland on January 27, 2023, and is set to continue at least through year-end and possibly into early 2024.

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Heather (from Trimm Travels) and friend in front of a giant platinum Mickey statue at Disneyland

I’m excited to cover everything we currently know about the 100th Anniversary Celebration including new activities, attractions, celebratory food and drinks, limited-time merchandise, and more! Let’s get to it, shall we?

Disney 100th Anniversary Theme Park Décor

Disney 100 Years of Wonder silver coin sign in greenery against a blue sky at Disneyland

To commemorate the celebration of 100 years, both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure will feature extra displays of magic in their park décor. As you walk around the parks, you will see the addition of purple and platinum banners and ribbons throughout the park representing the celebration.

Closeup shot of the Disney 100 sign on the side of the castle at Disneyland

As we all know, the castle at Disneyland is Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. If you look closely, you will see the three good fairies from the Sleeping Beauty movie on the castle. They are using their magic pixie dust to illuminate it. In addition to these subtle touches, you can also find both a platinum Mickey and Minnie statue to commemorate the milestone.

You will find Platinum Mickey in Town Square and Platinum Minnie in front of Plaza Inn, both on Main Street, U.S.A. The decor and embellishments don’t stop at the parks. As such, you will also find banners, ribbons, and more throughout the other parts of Disney property including Downtown Disney and hotels at Disneyland Resort.

Can’t Miss Shows/Parades

Wondrous Journeys

UPDATE: Wondrous Journeys has been on hiatus since August 31, 2023, to feature Halloween and holiday shows. It is set to return on March 22, 2024, for a limited run through April 14, 2024.

Nighttime shot of the castle lit up and fireworks overhead at Disneyland

Wondrous Journeys Show by Cory Doctorow (CC BY-SA 2.0)

With a celebration as big as this one, it wouldn’t be right to not introduce a new and exciting fireworks show! If you haven’t been to Disneyland in the past, they close out the evening with a fireworks spectacular every night.

Wondrous Journeys is the ultimate show in true Disney fashion that exhibits the history of Walt Disney Animation Studios throughout its 100 years of existence. You will be in absolute awe enjoying the beautiful show as it bursts into the sky over Sleeping Beauty’s Castle!

Wondrous Journeys will feature state-of-the-art projections and of course, pyrotechnics with beautiful, classic Disney music.

Show Highlights

  • Length: 13 Minutes
  • Location: Main Street U.S.A. at Disneyland
  • Fireworks are only shown on select nights (weekends and holidays) of the Wondrous Journeys show.

World of Color – ONE

UPDATE: World of Color – ONE reopened after refurbishments on Jan 19, 2024, and is set to run nightly.

Nighttime shot at Disneyland California Adventure with the fountains lit up in all different colors. The Incredi-Coaster and ferris wheel with Mickey's face are lit up in the background.

If you are closing out your night at Disney California Adventure, don’t worry. There is another incredible show featured during the Disney 100th Anniversary inside DCA.

World of Color – ONE is an incredible water and special effects extravaganza that showcases the stories that have been told through Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars films throughout the 100 years of Disney. Some of the films featured in the show include The Lion King, Moana, Star Wars, and more.

Show Highlights

  • Length: 22 minutes
  • Location: Paradise Gardens Park at Disney California Adventure
  • Reservations: A reservation is not required to view the show. But, if you are looking to get the best view of the show, you may want to consider reservations. To enter the reserved viewing areas, you will need a valid virtual queue selection OR a valid voucher from either the World of Color – ONE dining package or the World of Color – ONE Dessert Party package.
  • The World of Color – ONE show schedule is subject to change and may not be available every night. Be sure to check the show’s availability and showtimes.

“Magic Happens” Parade

UPDATE: The “Magic Happens” Parade has returned on February 2, 2024. No word yet from Disney on how long it will stay.

Closeup of Minnie Mouse wearing blue, gold, purple, and platinum in the Magic Happens parade.

Disney parades are a fan-favorite highlight of visiting Disney parks. With the kickoff and continuation of the Disney 100th Anniversary celebration comes the return of an iconic Disneyland parade, the “Magic Happens” Parade.

The Parade is making its return with classic Disney characters including Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Mickey’s friends, and some of the newer introductions of characters such as Moana, Elsa, and Anna from Frozen, among others!

Show Highlights

  • Length: 20 minutes
  • Location: The cavalcade makes its way throughout Disneyland Park being led by none other than Mickey Mouse himself!
  • The “Magic Happens” Parade may not occur daily so look up the dates and show times for the parade prior to your visit.

New Attractions

Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway

A scene from the new Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway ride. Green, yellow buildings with a purple truck with Donald Duck in the driver seat

Premiering at Walt Disney World in March of 2020, this new attraction has been a hit within the park. So, it was only natural that they brought it to Disneyland as well, right?

With an official opening of January 27, 2023, Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway has been a part of the Disney 100th Anniversary celebration from day one.

At this time, there is only a standby (no virtual) queue available for this attraction. Additionally, if you prefer to have a shortened wait time (and you may given the popularity of the ride), you can purchase an individual Lightning Lane entry for this attraction. Individual Lightning Lane prices vary depending on the attraction as well as the day and time you choose to visit.

Mickey’s Toontown

"Welcome to Mickey's ToonTown" yellow, red, aqua sign on a bridge welcoming people to ToonTown at Disneyland

Mickey’s Toontown has always been a popular attraction at Disneyland but was shut down on March 9, 2022, to allow for renovations.

After a little over a year of enhancement and additions, the attraction officially reopened on March 19, 2023. The “reimagined” town features an interactive neighborhood along with plenty of fun and exciting attractions including:

  • The CenTOONial Park
  • Chip N’ Dale’s GADGETcoaster
  • Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin
  • A self-guided tour through both Mickey and Minnie’s homes and even…
  • An opportunity to meet the famous couple!
  • Donald’s Duck Pond
  • Goofy’s How-To-Play Yard

The Disney 100 Gallery

At the Disney Gallery, guests can take the opportunity to see the history of Disney and how it has evolved over time. You will see how some of your favorite classic Disney films and stories came to be.

Walt Disney wanted to create Disneyland as a way to bring his storied creations to life and have his guests enjoy those stories in a completely different way. In addition to the stories, the art exhibit also features memorabilia and rare items from the development of Disney parks.

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Disney 100th Anniversary Merchandise and Souvenirs

TIP: While the Disney 100 Celebration is over (as of this February 26, 2024 article update), Disney customer service has said that merchandise will remain in stores until it sells out. So, try your luck!

Platinum Mickey (with red shorts) statue next to a Disney 100 Years of Wonder sign in a merchandise store at Disneyland

If you have the chance to visit Disneyland during the Disney 100th Anniversary celebration, you will certainly want to commemorate your visit with a souvenir (or two or 20). Well, you’re in luck.

Platinum Minnie (with a red bow) statue next to a Disney 100 Years of Wonder sign in a merchandise store at Disneyland

Disney parks have launched brand new designs, apparel, and souvenirs featuring the Disney 100th Anniversary theme. You will find apparel, backpacks, Disney pins, toys, stuffed animals, Mickey and Minnie ears, and SO much more!

All merchandise fits the beautiful platinum and purple color scheme making them stunning
and unique!

Heather's (from Trimm Travels) purple Disney 100 ears with Mickey and Minnie dressed in platinum
Heather's (from Trimm Travels) purple Disney 100 years of wonder ears hat with her name on the back

Personally, I HAD to get my hands on a pair of those diamond-studded platinum and purple ears!

In addition to the platinum collection, Disney merchandise stores have also launched an Oswald line to commemorate the celebration. What a lot of people don’t know is that Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, not Mickey Mouse, is the first character that was created by Walt Disney! 😱

Disney 100th Anniversary Food and Drink

UPDATE: Most of the Disney 100 food and drink offerings are no longer available. However, you can still purchase the Disney 100 Stainless Steel Tumbler from Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe.

giant purple 100 light displayed on the floor of a merchandise store at Disneyland

We can’t possibly talk about the Disney 100th Anniversary celebration without mentioning the food and drinks! The food at Disneyland parks is pretty creative and artistic. I’ve never had any food or drink in the Disney parks that I didn’t enjoy!

As with any special event, Disney has released several limited-time food and beverage options to enjoy during the 100th Anniversary. With so many incredible menu items to choose from, there’s no way to possibly cover them all. However, it is possible to share a few of the crowd favorites along with recommended items to try!

Disney 100th Anniversary Platinum Trifle

The Platinum Trifle is a layered dessert featuring chocolate cookie crumbles, a layer of cheesecake topped with a cherry compote, and a fluffy chocolate mousse. Finished off with a creamy topping and crunchy shimmering pearls, it proudly displays a platinum “100” chocolate piece!

Location: Galatic Grill and Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe

Violet Pretzel

A soft baked pretzel filled with cream cheese, the Violet Pretzel is topped with a vanilla cream drizzle and lavender sugar crystals. Who says you can’t have it all with salty AND sweet? 🤩

Location: Refreshment Corner

Disney100 Churro

Disney parks are famous for their churros and even just their traditional churros are incredible. BUT. The Disney100 Churro is over the top!

A standard churro rolled in cherry sugar and topped with a white icing drizzle and silver/purple crunchy pearls is simply the BEST!

Location: Town Square Churro and Tomorrowland Churro

Disney100 Poison Apple Mug

I’m so excited about this one so it’s a MUST-GET for me! The Disney100 Poison Apple Mug features the iconic poison apple from Snow White with a Disney 100 Anniversary twist. The mug is a metallic purple apple covered in a platinum drizzle! 😱🤩😍

Location: Casey Jr. Churro Cart

Refillable Disney 100th Anniversary Popcorn Buckets

There are many limited edition Refillable Popcorn Buckets released for the 100th Anniversary celebration including the Magic Key Bucket, the Platinum Mickey Mouse Balloon Bucket, and the Cinderella Premium Bucket.

Prices vary for all the different popcorn buckets.

Location: Popcorn Carts all over Disneyland and Disney California Adventure parks


Pinterest graphic with Disney 100 anniversary silver coin and Minnie Mouse next to a Disney 100 years of wonder sign
Pinterest graphic with Disney 100 anniversary silver coin and Minnie Mouse next to a Disney 100 years of wonder sign
Pinterest graphic with Disney 100 anniversary silver coin and Minnie Mouse next to a Disney 100 years of wonder sign

A visit to Disneyland is such an incredible experience on any day but having the chance to visit
during one of their limited-time events or celebrations makes it that much more special. Hopefully, this guide gives you an inside look at what to expect for the Disney 100th Anniversary!

Are you planning to visit Disneyland during the 100th celebration? As always, I would love to hear about your visit or what you are most excited to experience!

‘Til next time…

Trimm Travels,


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