Aerial shots give you such a unique perspective on this great world we live in. Granted, these aren’t the easiest of shots to obtain and I have a lot of misses. However, it makes it very worth it when I am able to get a good one! A big reason I love aerial photography is because it’s very peaceful to me!


One of my absolute favorite things is cityscapes. I particularly LOVE city lights at night. They are most definitely a happy place for me. For some reason, getting to look out over the city from atop a skyscraper or a lookout point is very peaceful for me. Down on the ground, there’s a lot of chaos, but if you can get above that, there’s something very tranquil about it. Enjoy my “happy place” photos! ?

Natural Landscapes

There’s nothing more amazing than catching natural landscapes in good lighting or at gorgeous times of the day. If you have an appreciation for nature, you know what I mean!


Who doesn’t love tropical photos? I love the vivid, rich colors of tropical locations and love trying to capture their beauty on film.