3 Best Escape Rooms in Boston You Can’t Miss

LAST UPDATED: February 28, 2024

Boston is a superb travel destination in many aspects. In addition to being well known for its American history, Massachusetts’ capital city is also a fantastic choice for food, outdoor recreation, museums, and escape rooms. Yes, you read that correctly…escape rooms! Boston has an unbelievable escape room scene and these are the three best escape rooms in Boston that you absolutely can not miss out on!

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twilight shot of boston skyline and river

But first, taking care of business…

If you are a regular reader of my content, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. Second, you know my content is typically quite photo-heavy. I’m a photographer first and foremost. However, here’s the thing…

Escape room posts are and will be extremely different. Photos aren’t typically allowed other than the usual “after experience” with the “I escaped” or “Maybe next time” photos. Well, I say “typically” because I have done a couple where photos are allowed inside the room. When that happens, believe me, I will show you all I can!

Additionally, these posts will be a bit shorter than normal ones. Okay, glad that’s out of the way. Now, back to regularly scheduled programming! 😁

The Best Escape Rooms in Boston

Boston spelled out in different color letters against a wood board at nighttime

Superlatives are powerful, aren’t they? Admittedly, saying something is the best is a big claim. I get it. Ultimately, is this my opinion? Well, of course, it is. However, is this opinion a widely shared, popular opinion? Yes, it is. Welcome to how I, myself, found these best escape rooms in Boston. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Out of the 67 games (at the time of this article’s update on February 28, 2024) I’ve played, these three make it into my top 10 favorite escape rooms of all time!

Why These Rooms Are the Best in Boston

I’m SO glad you asked! 😉 A myriad of considerations go into the decision process. These include set design, uniqueness, level and dynamics of puzzles, theme/flow of the storyline, overall immersion experience, and the company along with the Game Master.

I know that sounds like a lot. And honestly, it is. However, each one of those things has its own funnel into deeper levels that “play” 😜 into this. Hopefully, that helps you understand just how much these best escape rooms in Boston have set themselves apart!

So, let the countdown begin with 3…2…1…

3 | Mystery of the Magician’s Study

Heather from Trimm Travels in a neon yellow shirt holding up escaped signs from Mystery of the Magician's Study in Boston

The Mystery of the Magician’s Study was one of the coolest mysteries I’ve ever gotten to solve. No, I didn’t come close to solving it alone (props to anyone who can!) but I am just grateful to have contributed to solving the Mystery so we could escape!

The elements that play into this standout room are numerous. Here’s the thing. I can’t give them away. I’m competitive and loyal. So, therefore…you must figure it out. Consider this both a puzzle AND a challenge! 🧩

What I can say is that there are gigantic surprises. You know, the type I’m not certain I will encounter again. Guess you will just have to play to find out, right? 😜

Good to Know
Company: Boxaroo
Players: 2-10, private
Difficulty: hard
Pricing: $36-$45
Awards: 6
Booking: online or contact
Location: 55 Court Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02108

2 | The Body Shop

black door with the face of an orange fox with white ears hanging on it at red fox escapes in boston massachusetts
red door with the black letter sign "red fox escapes" hanging on it in boston massachusetts

You must play The Body Shop at Red Fox Escapes. This company will prove why its room is one of the best escape rooms in Boston. Let’s just say there’s a dichotomy that I wasn’t prepared for and it completely surprised me. Therefore, I truly dropped my jaw at the finish and was just happy to escape!

Heather from Trimm Travels wearing a neon pink shirt and a sash after escaping The Body Shop escape room at Boxaroo in Boston Massachusetts

Seriously, just when you think you know what’s going on…surprise! The set design for this room was amazing. Everything flowed well. Nostalgia? Check. Fun? You better believe it!

This room is just a must-play. Period. End of story.

Good to Know
Company: Red Fox Escapes
Players: 2-6, private
Difficulty: intermediate
Pricing: $40-$47
Awards: 3
Booking: online or contact
Location: 614 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139

*It was a hard decision ranking numbers two and three

Now for the number one best escape room in Boston. Wait for it…

1 | Storyteller’s Secret

Heather from Trimm Travels wearing a neon yellow shirt holding up escaped signs after the Storyteller's Secret escape room at Boxaroo in Boston Massachusetts

This best escape room in Boston left me speechless. Forget jaw on the floor. It WAY surpassed this.

Before playing this room, I hadn’t seen nor played anything like Storyteller’s Secret and I’ve not seen nor played absolutely anything like it since! The set design is mind-blowing, the storyline is flawless, and the entire experience is extremely immersive.

Even more unique is the fact that the end goal isn’t your usual “escape”. Yes, that’s a hint to all the puzzle lovers out there. 🧩 There’s just an entirely different mindset to this experience. Different in concept not only as a “room” but also as a “game”. Intrigued yet? You should be!

lobby of Boxaroo in Boston showing a gray couch, stainless vault door, and table full of games

Boxaroo truly set the bar quite high with this room. The 75-minute adventure contains several elements that tie into the ultimate “storyline”. Storyteller’s Secret has won numerous well-deserved awards. All of the serious escape room players have already played it OR it’s on their bucket list of best escape rooms in Boston.

closeup shot of Storyteller's Secret awards plaque, QR code, wooden block letters, and facebook likes wooden block sign

Personally, I can’t say enough about this room or this company. It was just a fantastic experience all around. After you do so many rooms, most of them start to run together. You might remember you’ve done certain ones, but you may not remember much about them. However, Storyteller’s Secret leaves a lasting impression and will ALWAYS stand out in memory!

Good to Know
Company: Boxaroo
Players: 2-5, private
Difficulty: expert
Pricing: $36-$45
Awards: 7
Booking: online or contact
Location: 55 Court Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02108


Upon Returning to Boston…

I would play the following rooms to evaluate their chances of beating out my top three best escape rooms in Boston!

Boston Escape Room Bucket List
• Conundrum Museum
• The Heist
• The U-Boat
• Boda Borg

How to Find the Best Escape Rooms in Boston

phone screenshot of The Storyteller's Secret search page on the Morty app
phone screenshot of all of the awards Storyteller's Secret escape room in Boston has won

Phone screenshots of the Morty app

If you’re planning a trip to Boston, you’ve got three room recommendations already. However, if you are looking for others in the Boston area (or anywhere in the world for that matter), using Morty is a must! Morty is a very handy escape room app that will help you find rooms, rate rooms, and track your own rooms.

computer screen shot of Morty for web homepage

Screenshot of Morty for Web courtesy of Morty

Yes, Morty is a tracker app too! Read reviews, find your friends, earn incentives, it has all the things. Get it on iPhone or Android. And, all users can access Morty for web.

Currently, Morty is free to download and use!

Where to Stay in Boston

city shot of downtown Boston Massachusetts

Boston has a lot of great accommodation options for every budget. You can make plans to stay around the escape rooms you are planning to play or Boston has great public transportation options.

Budget Hotel

The Found Hotel is a fantastic budget option. Located close to Boston Common, the very small rooms are well laid out and have all the amenities you need (vs want)! I enjoyed my nights there at a lower cost and was still able to walk to so many attractions!

Mid-Range Hotels

selfie of Heather from Trimm Travels in the foyer of her room at the Westin Copley Square in Boston Massachusetts

Had a little foyer in this one!

To gain a few more amenities without paying top price (all relatively speaking, of course), try Westin Copley Place. Here, you will experience a highrise aspect in Copley Square located in the “happening” area of Boston known as Back Bay.

lobby at Boston Marriott Cambridge during complimentary sweets hour showing a popsicle stand

Lobby of the Boston Marriott Cambridge. It’s complimentary sweets hour!

Another (again, relative) mid-range accommodation is Boston Marriott Cambridge.

Got upgraded to a gigantic 3-room suite thanks to my Marriott Bonvoy Titanium Elite Status!

If you want to stay a little more out of the way (and closer to some of the escape rooms) try this hotel in the chill vibe neighborhood of Cambridge!

Luxury Hotel

lobby looking up the escalators and exposed brick wall at The Liberty Hotel in downtown Boston Massachusetts

For complete luxury, consider staying at The Liberty Hotel in downtown Boston. This iconic historical location nicely balances opulence with a laid-back style. If nothing else, pop in for photos and cocktails!

Where to Eat After Playing the Best Escape Rooms in Boston

an orange martini and a brown martini sitting on black napkins at The Last Hurrah in Boston Massachusetts

I don’t know about you but I can certainly work up a big appetite after escaping rooms. Luckily, this isn’t an issue as Boston is a great foodie city. Try chasing after the best Boston cream pie or chow down at these fun places to eat!


Pinterest graphic with Best Escape Rooms in Boston You Can't Miss and photos of the Boston skyline and an escape room lobby in Boston Massachusetts
Pinterest graphic with Best Escape Rooms in Boston You Can't Miss and photos of escape room doors in Boston Massachusetts
Pinterest graphic with Best Escape Rooms in Boston You Can't Miss and photos of escape room lobbies in Boston Massachusetts
golden hour with a red hue against the Boston skyline with the river and a red sailboat in the foreground

If you are a traveling escape room enthusiast like myself, hopefully, you are set for the best escape rooms in Boston. At the very least, it gives you a great starting point! These rooms truly are unique and each has its own “wow” moment that I still get so excited thinking about!

I would LOVE to know if you have done any of these top escape rooms in Boston or really, any other escape room in Boston. What was your favorite and why? Also, what did you think of the room’s “wow” factor? Please let me know below!

‘Til next time…

Trimm Travels,


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